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Before being elected President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower was the first Commander of NATO. In February 1951, a few months after taking office, he wrote the following, “If in 10 years all the American troops stationed in Europe for the purpose of ensuring national defense have not returned to the United States, then this project, NATO, will have failed.” The troops did not return, actually, their presence in Europe did not cease to increase. Not only that, but once the Soviet Union disintegrated and contrary to the solemn and hollow promises of the main leaders of Western governments (Clinton, Bush, Obama, Helmut Kohl in Germany, Tony Blair in the United Kingdom… etc.) in the sense that “NATO would not move an inch to the East,” as a matter of fact, this criminal organization transferred supplies and troops to the very borders of Russia. How come! Weren’t the enemies of the West the Soviet Union and communism? No. The enemy was, and still is, Russia, an overly large and powerful country whose mere presence, whether under a communist or capitalist regime, is an obstacle to the United States’ goal of world domination, as Noam Chomsky repeatedly observed. 

When Bill Clinton kicked off NATO expansion in 1997, Eisenhower’s granddaughter, Susan, gathered the signatures of 49 renowned specialists (military, diplomatic, and academic) and published an open letter on June 26 saying that the “plan to expand NATO is a political mistake of historic proportions.” Susan took into account the opinion that shortly before – on February 5 in an article published in the New York Times – had been expressed by none other than George Kennan, the diplomat who, with his famous “Long Telegram” of February 22, 1946, sent to President Harry Truman (and signed under the pseudonym of Mister X) had been the architect of the policy of “containment” of Soviet expansionism that shortly after would lead to the creation of NATO. Deeply disturbed by Clinton’s intentions, Kennan wrote in that 1997 piece that “NATO expansion would be the most tragic mistake of US policy in the entire post-Cold War era … because it would advance Russia’s foreign policy in a direction that would definitely not be the one we wanted.” [1] 

As we said before reading this document and as we ratified even more strongly afterward, the Ukraine war was immorally provoked by the United States and its European allies. Without worrying about the terrible human costs of the war, which the Western powers now denounce with crocodile tears, they closed all options to Russia, which even at one point even had proposed starting talks to cooperate with NATO, an attitude that did not provoke in the very democratic and humanist Western powers the slightest intention of even starting to talk about the subject. None of the just Russian demands in terms of security were heard, as if a stable and secure world order could be built for everyone, except for a superpower like Russia, harassed from the Baltic to the Black Sea. The evil plans of Wolfowitz and the Rand are irrefutably eloquent. They concocted the road map that the United States has chosen to destroy Russia as it did with the former Yugoslavia, with the complicity of the despicable European governments. As of now, in late April 2022, no one can predict how this war will end. However, it is worth remembering with Clausewitz that for centuries Russia was attacked, harassed, and invaded. In each case, at first, it seemed that its debacle would be inevitable, but it always knew how to reverse what seemed to be an inexorable disaster and defeat its aggressors. Will it be different this time?

Ukraine: How and why the war was manufactured? | Al Mayadeen English

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