Amish minister: COVID-19 ‘left before salvation arrived’

“But, for the most part, life among our 38,000 members quickly resumed normal. Thousands attended auctions. No masks in sight. No six feet between bodies. Business as usual. Our schools didn’t close. We avoided consigning our children to fear and alienation. Amish didn’t wear masks to church, social, and family gatherings or to work (except where required by non-Amish employers). Social closeness has been and remains a plain-people distinctive.”

“COVID came,” says Wengerd, the father of nine children. “When it did some of us left earlier than we expected. We had a few more funerals than usual. But then COVID left. COVID exited.

“Then the vaccine came. Trillions of dollars were thrown at their warp speed development and hasty distribution. Mankind was saved by a jab in the arm just in the nick of time. Or was it?

“Not the Amish community. COVID came, then COVID left. COVID exited, then the vaccine entered. Note the order here. Yes, COVID caused some to leave earlier than expected. Yes, it interrupted our social and spiritual lives for a month or so. But it left. It left before salvation arrived. It left the Amish community prior to the arrival of the vaccine.

WND Amish minister: COVID-19 ‘left before salvation arrived’