Gun Laws Allow Children to be Shot and Killed

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The media tends to report only the unusual: the shootings in the movie theater in Aurora (CO), the shopping mall in Portland (OR), and the elementary school in Newtown (CT) were widely publicized, but the shootings since 2014 dawned have received little coverage. Even the nine school shootings during the first 18 school days of the year got barely a notice. There were 28 school shootings in the entire year of 2013, three times the number of the first month of this year. Media don’t bother with the commonplace, which is what shootings in the United States have become. Last year, the NRA assured people that the situation was improving; this year they are staying quiet.

The nine shootings could have been higher if the police had not taken guns and arrested young people in Georgia, Oregon, and Virginia. The only change in the NRA’s request for armed “school resource…

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2 thoughts on “Gun Laws Allow Children to be Shot and Killed

  1. With Gun Laws it allow kids to be shot and killed ?

    So, what does legal and illegal guns allow ?


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