New Revelations about Uvalde School Mass Shooting, Research about Firearms

Nel's New Day

News about the mass shooting in Uvalde (TX) on May 24 keeps leaking out. Killed were 19 students under 11 years old in an elementary classroom with their two teachers while 19 law enforcement officers stayed in the hallway and heard shots inside the room. Another 17 people were injured, and the shooter was finally killed after 78 minutes while children kept calling 911 for help and parents begged to get inside to save their children.

Texas was supposedly investigating police mistakes, but the city police and the school district are no longer cooperating with any probe after a press conference on May 27 when DPS Director, Col. Steven McCraw, said delaying policy entry to save the children was “the wrong decision” and contrary to protocol. ISD Police Chief Pete Arredondo, who ordered law enforcement to wait over an hour, was sworn onto the Uvalde city council on May 31…

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