NATO’s new global doctrine reminds reincarnation of Third Reich

Pavlenko uses the “anaconda ring” term. Indeed, this image suits the pseudo-European bloc that wants to turn into a global structure — a military dictatorship ruling over the US and the European Union.

Both the United States of America with its cruel past and the European Union are driven by the same ideology of colonialism and violence against the planet. Suffice it to recall that the idea of ​​the united Europe was elaborated in 1943 by SS Obersturmführer Alexander Doletzalek, the chief of Group D of the SS Main Directorate of the Third Reich.

It was then when the concepts of joint European currency and European citizenship were defined. Why be surprised at the ideological unity of the Ukrainian Nazis and the European Union? The epistemological roots are clearly evident at this point. The United States has not abolished slavery to this date — it still remains as a legal status of prisoners in the US. In addition, the United States that had exterminated about 20 million Indians is the only developed state in the world that officially legalizes torture and the right to kill foreign leaders.

counterinformation NATO’s new global doctrine reminds reincarnation of Third Reich