No Western weapon will break Russia’s superiority in Ukraine

Lyuba Lulko
The project of making Ukraine become “anti-Russia” is doomed to failure. The morale of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the pro-Bandera population is broken. They know they could die at any moment.

Air raid sirens sound throughout Ukraine every night. People on the ground watch Russian rockets fly above their heads. They can only guess who is going to die because of those rockets this time and then another.

The morale of the army and the population ensures a sense of security during hostilities. This morale is low all over the country. This is not because “our commanders have abandoned us” or “they use us as cannon fodder.” This is because Ukrainian Nazis know thatthey can die in a rocket attack at any moment.

“The most terrible thing in this war for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the feeling of total…

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