Australian mercenaries killed in latest report from Ukraine

“The red berets were acting as a diversionary group but were crushed in the northern Donetsk region,” Colonel Komiyenko said through an interpreter. “Russian forces became aware of the mercenaries operating in a forest so they were lured into a trap. “Once their location was confirmed and numbers known an artillery strike took them out.” In another offensive an English mercenary, the son of an English Lord was captured.

“The Lord has reached out to the English government to organize a prisoner exchange  but our response was to ignore the request,” he said.

“This mercenary will stay a little longer to experience a war crimes tribunal.

“This mercenary and some of his dead comrades were kind enough to supply our forces with video evidence of war crimes they were committing.

Australian mercenaries killed in latest report from Ukraine | Cairns News

Both sides are labeling everything the other side is doing as ‘war crimes’. All of war is basically mass murder, so they are not incorrect. But if everyone participating in a war is guilty of murder and/or war crimes, that does that make those who start these wars for PROFIT, or POWER?