‘More Guns, More Gun Deaths—That’s Really It’ – FAIR

Reporter Eoin Higgins interviewed teachers around the country who reported the psychological toll of not only actual shootings, but constant drills and lockdowns on children, who they said, “have largely given up on a better future.”  Teachers, meanwhile, feel expendable and unvalued; it’s hardly lost on them that the same forces accusing them of poisoning children with curricula are also demanding that they step between those children and a bullet.

That powers that be in this country have responded to school shootings not by toughening gun laws, but by loosening them, and responded to the failure of law enforcement to prevent such shootings by calling for more law enforcement, it’s a demoralizing combination of devastating and unsurprising. As a response to violence, we try violence, time after time.The Hill

(5/26/22)There doesn’t seem to be anything new to say right now about gun violence in the US. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep saying the things we know—more loudly, more unapologetically and in more places.

‘More Guns, More Gun Deaths—That’s Really It’ – FAIR