Vastness of Being: Waves of Love – Era of Light

We have been in a slow, steady increase of waves of change and in the next few months there will be an acceleration in the frequency – energetically and in “time” – of waves that shake the foundations of our very civilization. Our entire way of living here – and this goes for most cultures all around the world – based on fear, lack and hoarding, which has led to exploitation of the Earth and Human Beings – is coming to an end.

And here we are, in the middle of it – at times surfing the waves, or other times, falling into the waves or being pushed under or caught in rip currents that pull us far from shore into delusion, we are navigating this with messy grace. For, yes, there is grace here, even if you may not feel it at times, there is grace if you come into stillness and stop resisting the changes. Resistance will only lead to struggle and pain.

Are there things you feel you need to change in your life? Even if it is something small – make changes – no matter how small, any change made will set up an energetic shift in your life, changing your trajectory. Learning or trying something new will also have a similar effect.

Vastness of Being: Waves of Love – Era of Light