US Battled World War II Nazis, Today US Side-by-side Ukraine Nazis

….there has been no Great Awakening or an OMG moment that the US, NATO and EU have been fighting on the same side as descendants of the German Nazis whom they all fought against during WW II.  How could that not have been an obvious fact to any American with half a brain –  we can debate whether the public school system is teaching critical analytical thinking.  Given the awareness of the history between the Russians and the Nazis during The Great Patriotic War, you might expect some level of self-loathing for those Europeans who chose to align with today’s Ukraine Nazis, yet those same countries have proven they are missing a modicum of moral integrity as that repulsive fact gave not one moment of hesitation to join the effort to destroy Russian sovereignty.  Today’s Ukraine Nazis are no better, with no more trace of humanity and no less evil or diabolical than the Nazis of the 1930’s and may have further descended into the pits of Hell.

As the Biden Administration and American war machine ignore the cruel connection of that obscene war as a current sham of EUNATO, US solidarity as a dishonor, if not a disgrace, to the memory of those 405,000 Americans who gave their lives fighting the Nazis and thousands more who served with honor while presumably defeating the Third Reich; that war which cost many American families, including my own the loss of my father’s twin brother, a paratrooper in Holland who stepped on a land mine days before the April, 1945 armistice.

The current generation of Americans remain equally unaware that the Potsdam Conference of 1945 agreed to disarm and demilitarize German Nazism, to repeal Nazi regime laws, to remove Nazis from the German education and court systems, and to arrest and try Germans who had committed war crimes. The belief that ‘The West’ won WW II became somewhat tarnished as the US, unbeknownst to the American public, undermined its own victory in 1947 by introducing over 2,000 scientists, engineers and high level Nazis into NASA, Plum Island, the US defense industry and other specialized departments.

counterinformation US Battled World War II Nazis, Today US Side-by-side Ukraine Nazis