2 thoughts on “• Chart: Support For Tighter Gun Laws in the U.S. or Canada? | Statista

  1. It appears Law makers of Gun Laws are somewhat blind…….Legal, Illegal and Black Market guns are already in the streets.

    Some legal guns can and will be stolen…..Illegal guns and Black Market guns does not require a background check and will be used in crimes, can you stop them…NO

    A CBS early morning report 6/8/22 indicated 5 million guns are in the streets, more than likely this number is higher, however the 5 million should have been allocated to what states.

    Let me reiterate, if there were futuristic or perceptive Law Makers or Law Maker when “THE FIRST GUN ” came on the market Gun Laws might have some clout, but guns are already in the streets and there will be more mass killings etc..

    If you observe your local news on a daily basis, take note of the shootings and killings and ask yourself what Gun Laws past, present and future would have prevented this….its a normal and continuous happening.

    Institutions, business entities and others would have to become armed Prison Camps to stop gun violence and it will only be minimal at that time.


    • That logic would be the same as saying that since vaccines have been out there for generations and more new ones are coming out now, why bother to even investigate much less make any changes to what Big Pharma wants?


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