Ex-CIA Analyst: US Military Aid Not a Game Changer for Kiev, Ukraine Has Already Lost

in recent weeks the US and its allies have placed “a renewed emphasis on the need for a negotiated settlement” to end the conflict, according to CNN.

The emerging push for a negotiated peace is an acknowledgment that Kiev has lost the war, says Larry Johnson, a veteran of the CIA and the State Department’s Office of Counter Terrorism, which provided training to the US Military’s Special Operations taskforce for 24 years.

The push now for a negotiated peace is simply an acknowledgment that Ukraine has lost the war. I think it remains to be seen whether or not there is a split between the political leadership of Zelensky and the military leaders. At some point, those military leaders, if they have any regard at all for their troops, will come to the realisation that they are unnecessarily sacrificing the lives of young men and middle-aged men.

Russia, China, India, Brazil are already in the process of restructuring an alternative international economy and that international economy no longer requires dependence on the US dollar. So the US is almost on the threshold of a significant rise in inflation. We’ve already seen some, but it’s going to get worse. On top of this, the shortages that have been imposed, shortages of critical items like oil, gas, fertilisers, aluminium, things that Western industry and manufacturers depend on.

counterinformation Ex-CIA Analyst: US Military Aid Not a Game Changer for Kiev, Ukraine Has Already Lost