Ukrainians Flood Darknet with NATO Arms Shipments | The Most Revolutionary Act

Anti-tank missiles, automatic weapons, ammunition, drones or even mines – the warehouses of Darknet dealers are full. Thousands of weapons systems sent by Western allies to Ukraine can be found for sale on the internet.

“It is surprising to say the least that after the fall of Mariupol, the United States was willing to send an additional 40 billion dollars to Ukraine where it had already lost another 14 billion dollars. In reality, two-thirds never reached their destination,” Thierry de Meyssan pointed out.

Executive Director of Europol Catherine De Bolle stated in an interview with Welt am Sonntag recently that her agency was bracing for an influx of illegal weapons into Europe originally shipped to Ukraine by Western countries, including GreeceSwedenSpain and Germany. She noted that the “weapons from [Kosovo] are still being used by criminal groups today”.

Ukrainians Flood Darknet with NATO Arms Shipments | The Most Revolutionary Act

Shipping deadly weapons to the most corrupt nation on the continent, and expecting something good to happen is the height of folly and foolishness.