Ralph Nader: Is There Any Hope Left for Democracy? – scheerpost.com

And so we held the line for about 10 years, 1965 to about 1975. Then Carter was elected. We had a breather, at least he appointed some good regulators and then Reagan won and then it was all downhill. And you could see it. The Democrats decided they were going to raise money from corporate sources, just the way the Republicans in 1979 under the tutelage of Congressman Tony Coelho from California. And you could see year after year under Reagan and then later George Herbert Walker Bush, fewer hearings, fewer good judges confirmed fewer regulatory actions, but now it corporatism and corporate power, corporate coercion have turned our country into a very deep corporate state, period. There’s not one single federal agency, not even a department of labor about which can be said that the corporate influence is not primary, not one. And even department of labor. There’s more corporate influence over department of labor by far than the AFL-CIO and its member unions.

The media now doesn’t even have challengers, the corporate media. You have the public airways being owned by the people. The federal communication commission is the real estate agent and it charges nothing for the biggest TV and radio stations license. Your auto license personally is more expensive than the biggest TV station in New York. And they have allowed the tenants, namely the corporations. We are the landlords to use 24/7, the airwaves radio and TV, and decide who says what and who doesn’t, who gets on and who doesn’t. As if that’s not enough, now the corporations are technologically hijacking our children.

So Ralph – if you want a “viable” 3rd party, get out and support a 3rd party, vote and encourage others to vote for it – because if you don’t you become part of the problem, stepping into the LOTE trap that has us by the short hairs, instead of part of the solution – you were the latter once – what happened?

Ralph Nader: Is There Any Hope Left for Democracy? – scheerpost.com