Monkeypox is Following the COVID Playbook Step by Step

For those who haven’t got to that stage yet, consider all the ways that monkeypox is following the exact same path as “Covid”…

The monkeypox outbreak was “predicted” by an exercise a few months before it happened. Just like Covid.

We’ve seen the narrative re-inforced by rumours that it’s a bio-weapon. These accusations have gone both ways, with the Western press saying Monkeypox is a Russian bio-weapon and Chinese rumours claiming it was deliberately released by the US. Just like Covid

We’re seeing institutions revising history in order to inflate the potential threat of the disease. just like Covid.

Monkeypox is being diagnosed via a PCR test. These tests are going to become more widely available test-makers “seize the new market” and governments plan to “ramp up testing”. Increased testing (with an unreliable test) could artificially inflate “cases”, and feed the panic. Just like covid.

The monkeypox narrative is being pushed by countries on both sides of the “New Cold War”. Just like covid.

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