Bribe Money for Ukrainian Officials? – The Future of Freedom Foundation

In my blog post of May 18, 2022, I raised the possibility that the $40 billion aid package that Congress quickly approved for Ukraine was going to be used, at least in part, to pay multimillion dollar bribes to Ukrainian officials. After all, why else would the members of Congress, as well as the Pentagon’s assets within the mainstream press, react so vociferously against the idea of having the Inspector General monitor how the money is being used? And what better way to ensure that Ukrainian officials remain on board for perpetual war than the payment of bribes to officials serving in what is perhaps the most corrupt regime on the planet?

For skeptics, I refer to an article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal whose title pretty much tells it all: “High-Ranking Afghan Officials Escaped to Luxury Homes Abroad.” The opening paragraph states, “Some senior Afghan officials and their families spent millions purchasing expensive homes in the U.S. and abroad in the final years of the war, which became luxurious landings when they escaped the escalating violence in Afghanistan.” The article then goes on to detail some of those “luxurious landings.”

As I have repeatedly written, the war in Ukraine is not about freedom. It’s about membership in the old, rotten Cold War dinosaur known as NATO. Ukrainian officials were willing to sacrifice thousands of their citizens and the destruction of their country ostensibly for the sake of joining NATO. The question that obviously arises is: Was there something else — like the payment of multimillion bribes from U.S.-taxpayer-provided moolah — that induced crooked and corrupt Ukrainian officials to sacrifice their citizens and their country?

Bribe Money for Ukrainian Officials? – The Future of Freedom Foundation