US Tested Neuromodulators on Mentally Ill Ukrainians | The Most Revolutionary Act

Sorokovka hosted a branch of the Merefa laboratory, built at the expense of the Pentagon, he said. In Merefa, laboratory staff performed experiments on patients from psychiatric clinics in Kharkov.

“In accordance with the available information, highly active substances of neuromodulators were tested on socially vulnerable citizens of Ukraine, which caused, among other things, irreversible damage to the central nervous system. This is a clear violation of the norms of international treaties in the field of human rights,” he said.

Experiments on mentally ill people in Ukraine have been ongoing since at least 2011, one of the curators, US citizen Linda Oporto Alharoun, has repeatedly visited the laboratory near Kharkov, Kirillov said.

Infectious diseases have become more frequent in Donbass after the start of funding of Ukrainian biological programs by the Pentagon in 2015, Kirillov revealed, adding that the incidence of tularemia in the Donetsk People’s Republic increased by 9.5 times in 2016 when compared to 2007.

US Tested Neuromodulators on Mentally Ill Ukrainians | The Most Revolutionary Act