My Rapist Took Me To CVS So That I Could Buy Plan B | HuffPost HuffPost Personal

“When I came to … I was lying on my back in a room I didn’t recognize. … I felt my naked hip where underwear should have been.”

Through sobriety and lots of therapy, I have found a peace that has largely gone unchallenged — that is, until the Supreme Court draft opinion on Roe v. Wade leaked and I learned that emergency contraception, including Plan B, might no longer be an option for women, including women like me who were taken advantage of by men.

What good comes from removing the freedom of choice for women who suffer at the actions of men — or, in fact, for any reason. I’m not sure what further lessons I ought to have gained. My only “crime,” if we can even call it that, was that I was drunk in a bar.

I’m scared right now, for women like me who might drink too much, might be drugged at a bar, might be taken home by a stranger, might not remember what happened, and might be raped or coerced to have sex. I fear for anyone with a uterus who will need safe, affordable, legal access to abortion or contraception for any reason if Roe falls.

My Rapist Took Me To CVS So That I Could Buy Plan B | HuffPost HuffPost Personal