A Message for any nation that believes it can ‘win’ against Russia – YouTube

IMPORTANT—A Message for Americans


The mass media almost universally is claiming that Ukraine is ‘winning’.

What if the war is being lost in Ukraine, in a catastrophic manner?

What if Russia is winning?

2022.06.18 IMPORTANT—A Message for Americans – YouTube

The road to world war is constant and never ending escalation, with provoking sanctions and other actions that Biden is coming up with. The war with Russia is on the table with US troops facing off against Russian troops, directly.

The only problem with this is that Russia is a nuclear armed country, and it will not allow any ‘win’ by the US, and nuclear weapons are Armageddon directly ahead.

A crazy insane sociopathic US has a first strike nuclear foreign policy, and Biden will not take a step back.

The war mongers around Biden are heading towards a first use of nuclear weapons against Russia, and Russia will respond.