Here Are Some Ways to Make Your Own Power, And Build Community

If there’s one thing I wish to bring to you with this article, it’s the importance of helping others out when they need it and doing it with your heart: this is the best power-generator of all. 

This doesn’t mean to be foolish. “Vet” them over a period of time, and interact closely with those who have earned your trust. I’d rather lose all of my meager possessions than lose the trust and friendship of my few neighbors. I’d also rather lose it all rather than see any harm come to them or their families.

No matter where you live, you can be this way with others…building friendships with those who are trustworthy and earning their trust as well. Then when things go south, or you have trouble, you can rely on each other. Communism is forced and phony. Community is from the heart, and it’s for real.

If we can bring back the spirit of community? That’s the greatest power source of all. It’s a power that can put the United States right back on her feet and help us build a better future for all of us.

naturalblaze Here Are Some Ways to Make Your Own Power