How to Get a Vitamin C I.V. Ordered In A Hospital

6. Know the law.  Many states have enacted legislation that makes it possible for a physician to provide any natural therapy that a patient requests without fear of losing his or her license. If your state has such a law, it will make it somewhat easier to get a doctor to prescribe a vitamin C IV.

7. Know the power structure.  Find out who is in charge.  I have heard doctors say that they’d be happy to start a megavitamin C IV but the hospital will not let them. Then, when asked, I have heard the hospital say that they allow vitamin C IVs but the doctors won’t do them. To avoid an endless Catch-22 situation, you have to know the ropes and where everybody stands.

On the doctor side:

Which physician (as opposed to witch doctor) is in charge?  It could be the attending surgeon; it could be your general practitioner; it could be the chief resident. One thing is for sure: someone has the power to prescribe. Go to the person that can do you the most good (or harm) and start your negotiations there.  If you can persuade the king, the castle is yours.

doctoryourself How to Get a Vitamin C I.V. Ordered

Outside of hospitals, IV ‘clinics’ are now popping up all over the world. Some need a letter giving permission from the primary doctor, and others don’t. Call around and ask.