There Is No Military Path for Ukraine To ‘Defeat’ Russia – 19FortyFive

According to the report, Russia’s relentless bombardment of Ukrainian troops over the first 100+ days of the war had destroyed major portions of their Soviet-era equipment and depleted their stocks of artillery ammunition. The result is that frontline Ukrainian units are outgunned 20-1 in artillery and an eye-popping 40-1 in artillery rounds. Combined with the fact Russia continues to have significant advantages in air power (up to 300 air sorties per day compared with three to five for Ukraine) and manpower, it is not surprising Ukraine is losing its grip on the Donbas.

It would be a near-impossible feat for the West to provide enough heavy weaponry to Ukraine – and the massive volumes of large-caliber artillery ammunition the howitzers need – that would bring back into balance the major disadvantage Ukraine has in firepower. Even the modern rocket launchers the U.S. and UK recently committed will not materially change the negative balance for Kyiv.

Zelensky and the Ukrainian people will soon come face-to-face with the ugly prospect that continuing to fight will only bring more death and destruction to its people, cities, and armed forces – but be insufficient to stave off defeat. The truth is, military fundamentals and simple capacity are in Moscow’s favor. It is unlikely those factors change in time to avoid defeat for Kyiv and its brave people. That is the ugly, bitter reality of war.

There Is No Military Path for Ukraine To ‘Defeat’ Russia – 19FortyFive

Biden will be forced to escalate into a nuclear war via first strike use of nuclear weapons, in order to ‘win’. But that means global nuclear war, where everyone on the planet dies, because Russia will strike back and not limit it to Ukraine.

Will Biden keep on escalating into a global nuclear war, or will cooler hearts and heads prevail? If the psychopathic billionaires at the top of the military industrial complex are allowed to decide, Armageddon is straight ahead.