Biden Tells Americans to Sacrifice for the Nazis of Ukraine

In other words, you will be expected to lower your standard of living significantly as a debt-addicted state continues Biden’s war against Russia in support of Ukrainian oligarchs, fascist ultranationalists, and the second most corrupt government in the world.

The corporate media, of course, still lies through omission. It rarely mentions the nazi-loving “battalions” rolled into Ukraine’s national guard. Moreover, the corporate media continues to claim the prominence of Nazis would not be possible with a Jewish president.

In the past month, Ukrainian partisans claim, insurgents have attacked Russian trains and killed dozens of Russian soldiers, as well as supporting the Ukrainian military’s counterattacks. Their claims are impossible to independently verify. The partisans also have established a virtual Center of National Resistance, which features instructions for things like setting up ambushes and what to do if arrested.

It is curious the war in Ukraine so perfectly dovetails with the end of the highly exaggerated “pandemic” that conditioned billions of people to follow even the most illogical and petty of mandates handed down by government bureaucrats and “experts.”