The role of vitamin C in preventing or reversing cardiovascular disease  – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

Among the general public, arguably the best known of the above-listed vitamins is vitamin C. Discovered by Hungarian scientist Albert Szent-Györgyi, who was rewarded with a Nobel prize in 1937, its use as a therapy for fighting the common cold became popularized by two-time Nobel prizewinner Linus Pauling in the 1970s. Pauling went on to become an early proponent for the use of high-dose vitamin C in the treatment of cancer. As important as his pioneering efforts were, however, it was Pauling’s later collaboration with Dr. Matthias Rath on the role of vitamin C in preventing cardiovascular disease that was ultimately to prove transformational.

A series of key scientific papers coauthored with Pauling in the early 1990s outlined Dr. Rath’s revolutionary scientific discovery that the primary cause of cardiovascular disease in humans is a deficiency of vitamin C. As these papers described, ensuring optimum daily intakes of vitamin C can ultimately pave the way towards abolishing human cardiovascular disease as a cause for human mortality.

Building on this groundbreaking work, in a study published in 2015 scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute definitively proved that cardiovascular disease is essentially an early form of the vitamin C deficiency disease scurvy. Notably, therefore, in parallel with a growing worldwide awareness of Dr. Rath’s scientific discovery, recent decades have seen a significant decline in cardiovascular mortality. This development opens up the tantalizing possibility that in the years ahead, the eradication of cardiovascular disease – or, at least, its near-eradication – can be achieved.

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