An Important Transmission From The Galactic Federation – July 3, 2022

Rose Rambles...

Dear ones,

We have come back to remind you that you are love, light, and free to be who you truly are-a child of light.

This is the Divine love frequency-it is a frequency through which you can connect with us in the fifth dimension, and when you are on this frequency, you feel the sense of being loved, belonging, and unconditionally accepted. This is how you can love someone without expecting something in return and still feel empowered because you gave from your heart.

Divine Love means feeling pure happiness. You let everything go. Everything that was negative disappeared. You feel full of your own love, your purity, your power, and your feelings of joy. Allow these feelings to thrive within you, regardless of the outside events.

The Universe is an ocean of Love.

Love is the most powerful source of energy in the universe. We’re dedicated to helping…

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