How To Measure Your Vibrational Frequency – Hierarchy Of Consciousness ~ July 1, 2022

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Your vibrational frequency is essentially your spiritual state. More specifically, it is a measure of your consciousness level and describes the dominant thoughts, moods, and values in your mind.

However, measuring vibrational frequency is difficult to do accurately due to ego bias.

You can get an idea of your vibrational frequency on your own through meditative contemplation, but finding someone with experience in the area will get you a more accurate reading.

What Is Vibrational Frequency?

Vibrational frequency is a measure of the energy in your system.

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Everything is made up of energy, and types of energy are grouped by how quickly they vibrate or oscillate.

The average level at which your energy vibrates is what we call your vibrational frequency.

Ideas, thoughts, and emotions all have specific vibrational frequencies, and the more desirable ones have higher frequencies than the basest, undesirable ones.

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