SCOTUS; willfully and deliberately stupid |

The notion that states and cities have limited power to regulate firearms because the US doesn’t have a history or tradition of regulating firearms is massively stupid. We didn’t have a history or tradition of cowboys riding riotously through a town, shooting at random until cowboys started riding riotously through towns, shooting at random. You don’t need laws preventing folks from doing shit UNTIL THEY START DOING SHIT.

What we DO have now is a history and tradition of mass shootings and mass murder. We are contributing to that history and tradition every goddamn day. As I noted earlier, we had sixteen mass shootings from July 1 through July 4. Four days. Sixteen mass shootings. Eighteen dead, 105 wounded. In four days.

Alito is being willfully and deliberately stupid. The ubiquity of guns and the high level of gun violence ARE EXACTLY the reason for sustaining a law that requires people to demonstrate an actual need to carry a firearm.

Again, it’s like claiming I need to walk around with my dog unleashed to protect me from all those goddamned unleashed dogs out there.

willfully and deliberately stupid |

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  1. If there were futuristic and perceptive thinking Lawmakers when the ” first gun ” came on the market the gun problems we have today would be minimal or none existant, however since there are legal, illegal and Black Market guns in the streets today Gun Laws have little clout.

    The Washington Supreme Court Justices Democrats and Republicans are both bias in their decision making…….the justices are normally selected by a democrat or republican President with this scenario how can their decision be for the people ?

    If there were an equal number of both democratic and republican Supreme Court Justices, at which time their decision making would appear being for the people.


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