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Illinois has the ninth-lowest rate of gun ownership and the sixth-strongest gun safety laws in the country, including a background checks on all gun sales, an Extreme Risk (“red flag”) law, and removal of guns from domestic abusers, and ninth-lowest rate of gun ownership. Illinois also has these laws:

Permits required for concealed carry in public with denial authority for people who pose a danger.

Ban on open carry in public without permits.

No “stand your ground law,” allowing anyone to kill someone else with impunity in other states.

Mandates for locked storage of unloaded guns, separate from ammunition in some circumstances.

Prohibition of assault-style weapons originally designed for military use.

Childproofing features required for all new handgun models.

Ban on high-capacity gun magazines.Microstamping for new handguns.

Mandatory tracing of all guns recovered at crime scenes, using the federal tracing system.

Prevention of concealed carry permits for people with assault or other violent misdemeanor convictions.

Prevention of gun possession by felons, fugitives, convicted stalkers, and those with hate crime convictions.

Requirement for school threat assessment programs to identify students at risk of violence.

Permission for towns and cities to make stronger gun safety ordinances.

Prevention of gun sales during ongoing background checks.

Requirement that all gun owners report lost and/or stolen guns.

Mandated notice to law enforcement when prohibited people try to purchase guns.

Mandates of all gun buyers to complete a training course before purchases.

Requirement of prescribed time for gun owners before completing purchases.

The Fourth of July 2022 | Nel’s New Day

One thought on “The Fourth of July 2022, Gun Laws In Illinois | Nel’s New Day

  1. Regardless of Gun Safety Laws, there are legal and illegal guns in the streets that can be used and bought for crimes and there is no background check for illegal guns purchased in the streets.

    There is a Black Market for guns.

    Unfortunately crime is a NORM in our society it can be curtailed but not stopped……Crime ensures jobs and it creates jobs and new jobs, which is sad to indicate.

    If there were Futuristic Lawmakers for guns when the first gun came on the market, the crimes the general public are confronting now would be minimal or none existant.


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