Top 4 ways Americans CLOG their blood, driving complex health issues to the brink – Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD

For starters, the COVID-19 so-called “vaccines” are not vaccines at all. They don’t provide protection, they are not safe, and they are certainly not “effective.” They are defective. Whether people get jabbed with the protein payload J&J clot shots, or the gene-altering, prion-creating mRNA “technology” (Pfizer and Moderna), billions of sticky spike proteins are clogging and infecting all vital organs, thus driving inflammation to the brink, along with many other unimaginable health disasters.

To compound everything, the majority of Americans shop blindly for food and still use tap water to make their coffee, tea, other drinks and for boiling vegetables. This means their processed food is chock full of CANOLA OIL that coagulates in the blood and clogs their arteries, veins and capillaries.

Then, the fluoride in water causes dehydration, calcifies the pineal gland, loweres IQ, and causes cancer, brittle bones and chronic inflammation. Plus it tastes horrible, which drives them to drink more sugar-laden drinks or drinks with aspartame and sucralose, which also cause cancer, anxiety and irritable bowels. Go figure.

Aspartame is a synthetic sweetener that actually makes you put on weight, adding to obesity, cancer and heart disease. Throw in lots of saturated fat from all that deep fried meat and processed dairy, plus some trans fats from cooking oils, and then comes the nails in the coffin.

#1. COVID-19 “clot shot” gene therapy, spike protein injections that clog the entire vascular system with billions of virus-mimicking particles that can stick together

#2. Trans fatty acids, including canola oil consumption (especially when cooked)

#3. Saturated Fat – mainly high fat meat and dairy products

#4. Not drinking enough water (because tap water tastes horrible)

Top 4 ways Americans CLOG their blood, driving complex health issues to the brink – Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD