One More Year to Flatten The Herd – The Good Citizen

Inside the pharmacy, the performative medical theatre was much more deadly than outside in the drive-thru. In a makeshift waiting room, people sat eager to hear their names called by a nurse who appeared every few minutes from a back room. These masked people were waiting to get their boosters. The nurse would call a new name and as they walked to the private poke chamber she would ask them as a waitress might ask a customer at a diner about their menu, “It looks like you had Pfizer as a most recent booster, would you like to stick with Pfizer or try Moderna this time, Mr. Martini?”

It was shocking to watch these people shuffle toward unnecessary personal risk with absolutely no benefits whatsoever. How does one assess such public human behavior? Ignorance, stupidity, suicidal ideation, utter madness?

It’s one thing for the people to be ignorant and fearful, but for the nurse administering the shots, what’s her excuse? A paycheck?

Utter madness indeed.

The United States used to be filled with nut houses, state hospitals, and other institutions where the mad people of society would be sent for “correcting” if not to isolate them from saner society out of caution and protection. All of the public space today is now a nut house. The medical centers, the retail pharmacies, the grocery stores, and the schools, where histrionic teachers are still masking children in some cities. And if these poor children aren’t being abused at school, then they’ll surely get it good at home from their neurotic parents who will insist on double injections while being the first to ask with tremendous eagerness when they can then get their offspring “boosted”. All of society is now a state hospital in cities like Portland, Oregon.

One More Year to Flatten The Herd – The Good Citizen