Russia’s will to win in Ukraine – American Thinker

The Russians will not be defeated, period, for the simple reason that, by orders of magnitude, Ukraine means more to them than it does to us.  They see a Ukraine within NATO, armed to the teeth with U.S. sophisticated weapons aimed at them, as an existential threat to mother Russia.  They won’t let it happen.  They have said so for years.  If the war looks as though it’s moving toward a Russian defeat, they will do what it takes to avert that.   We don’t want that outcome.  That way lies catastrophe.

Other things being roughly equal (as they are in this war), victory in war goes to the side with the greater commitment and willingness to suffer.  Russia has the greater will in this war.  And it knows how to suffer.  Therefore, it wins. Unless the Pentagon chooses nuclear Armageddon, in which case both sides will lose.It was a fool’s errand for the U.S. to provoke this war, and for that matter a fool’s errand from the start (1999), for the U.S. to expand NATO eastward in the total absence of any Russian threat after the collapse of the Soviet Union.It’s very hard to see how this can end other than very badly. 

Russia’s will to win in Ukraine – American Thinker