Archangel Gabriel; Baby Steps

As humans, your mind will often tell you that your efforts must be all or nothing. Your inner wise one knows empowered change comes from integrating energy a bit at a time and allowing the unfoldment to take it from there. Why not start to love yourself forward toward that dream in small steps that are easy to incorporate? Before you know it, those steps will accumulate into a momentum that will carry you forward with comfort, grace, and ease.

Do you see what we are saying? It is absolutely within your capability to move into the experience of your dreams and have it be an enjoyable process to do so. The real discomfort comes from not listening to your heart and denying where your soul has been trying to lead you all along because your truest desires exist to light your path and help you find your way forward into your highest, most satisfying life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Daily Message ~ Friday July 22, 2022 – Trinity Esoterics