The Science Underlying Split Jet Stream Configurations, Which Is Causing Life Threatening European Heat Waves – YouTube

Europe is in trouble again. Unprecedented, widespread, high humidity, long duration heatwaves are toppling temperature records, and making life very challenging for millions of people.

In the summer months, about 1/3 of the time a split jet stream is occurring, causing persistent heat domes and misery to primarily Western Europe, and also Europe as a whole. Powerful Arctic Amplification, namely Arctic warming at least 4x faster than lower latitudes, has been occurring over the last several decades, caused primarily by albedo feedbacks from rapidly declining Arctic sea ice cover and greatly reduced spring snow cover over Arctic land masses.

With rapid land warming from exposed snow-free Arctic land masses, and Arctic Ocean temperatures pegged to near freezing/thawing from latent heat ice melting, land-sea Arctic temperature gradients are sharp. Temperate gradients are also large south of Greenland, between the “global warming hole” and surrounding oceans due to the slowing AMOC. These factors are increasing the likelihood of the split jet stream and persistent blocking leading to long duration, record hot and humid European heatwaves.

There is also a grave, increasing risk from jet stream patterns causing multiple northern hemisphere crop failures circumventing the Earth.

(1) Science Underlying Split Jet Stream Configurations Causing Life Threatening European Heat Waves – YouTube