Depression and Frailty Linked to Ultra-Processed Food

Chemical Free Life

Over the past several years we have published studies linking diets of ultra-processed foods with depression and other serious health consequences.  Now a new study has found a connection between a diet of highly-processed food (known to be pro-inflammatory) and (1) depression, and (2) the development of frailty*–both things we all want to avoid.

Study overview

Scientists set out to determine if individuals with depressive symptoms are more vulnerable to frailty development in response to dietary inflammation. The study utilized data from the Framingham Heart Study Offspring cohort. They tested 1,701 non-frail participants who reported their diet and depressive symptoms at baseline and were followed for 11 years when frailty status was reassessed. The study found an association between inflammatory diet and increased odds of frailty appeared somewhat stronger among those with depressive symptoms.


“This study found that depressive symptoms may exacerbate the development of frailty in response…

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