Archangel Gabriel; the value of purity and goodness

You are purity and goodness at your core. You are divinity in a body. A large part of the embodiment process is simply recognizing that truth and allowing it to lead the way forward. This is why self love is such an essential part of the enlightenment process. You must have the ability to assess yourself accurately, not just through the lens of what is wrong, but through the lens of what is absolutely wonderful about you, as well.

It is only through your fair and true self acknowledgement you will finally give yourself permission to let your beingness lead the way, secure in the knowingness it is more than enough. And that, Dear Ones, is exactly the times you are in right now and the task at hand as you prepare to step fully into the next phase of your incarnation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Daily Message ~ Thursday July 28, 2022 – Trinity Esoterics