Bellevue police say thieves targeting elderly pedestrians for jewelry |

Bellevue Police say the crime happens while the suspects create a chaotic interaction. The suspects who have been described as a man, woman and a child pull up in a car and start a conversation with a pedestrian. The conversation often includes a language barrier or a thick accent, which is difficult to understand. The suspects will use hand gestures and move closer to the victim. In some cases, they hand the victim fake jewelry or money. All of this is happening as they make physical contact and take a person’s valuables. 

“Two of the instances have involved Rolex watches worth several thousand dollars. The most recent one we had is very sad because it was a $6,000 necklace but apart from the monetary value, the necklace was given to the women by her recently deceased husband,” said Nault. 

“A lot of things are happening at once, sort of a stimulus overload and then next thing you know their necklace or watch has been removed from them” said Nault. 

Bellevue police say thieves targeting pedestrians for jewelry |