A warning from France, about nuclear delusions of grandeur

Nuclear Information

Nuclear: “Industrialists are in denial, politicians know nothing about it“

France had the madness of grandeur in wanting to build more and more powerful reactors.

Gaspard d’Allens and Émilie Massemin (Reporterre) Reporterre 28th May 2022

Nuclear “unacceptable“, “industrial disaster” of theEPR, France and its “delusions of grandeur“… Pillar of the fight against the atom, the engineer Bernard Laponche warns of the dangers of this technology.

You are reading Bernard Laponche’s great interview.The first part ishere.

Reporterre — How do you analyze thereturn to graceof the nuclear industry by Emmanuel Macron, with the construction of sixEPR2sand the study of eight additional ones?

Bernard Laponche —It’s communication!This operation is part of the mythology that goes back to General de Gaulle, and that Emmanuel Macron has taken over, according to which civil and military nuclear power is the…

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