Globalization, greed and reality

As usual, our feckless politicians refuse to acknowledge any fault whatsoever. Instead they point accusing fingers at China as if the Chinese were immune from the pandemic’s social and economic disruptions. With our politicians, it’s always “someone else’s fault” — especially the former guy. And with our so-called leaders in a reactive mode, they’ve resorted to their usual “solution” of throwing money at the problems — and there are many, many problems. So where will they get all the money? Oh yeah, they’ll borrow it from our “global competitor” China.

After decades of politicians blathering about “energy independence,” how can Americans suddenly be victims of one nation invading another nation on the other side of the world? Yet, our citizens are being mercilessly gouged thanks to prices based on “global commodities” in a “global marketplace.”

The economists and politicians have never explained how can we have infinite growth on a finite resource base. And while globalization killed itself, the simple truth is it’s time to abandon endless greed and give our citizens what they desperately want and need — a stable environment in which to live and raise families with a predictable, non-globalized future.

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