Poland’s double standard on how it treats refugees, and the prospect of exhaustion by those housing Ukrainians


Is Poland’s smooth reception of Ukrainian refugees heading for trouble? https://www.thenewhumanitarian.org/news-feature/2022/08/04/Poland-Ukraine-refugee-concern-grows?utm_source=The+New+Humanitarian&utm_campaign=9a3fb600c4-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2021_08_5_Weekly&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d842d98289-9a3fb600c4-75686634 4 Aug 22,

Poland has so far extended a generous welcome to some 1.5 to 2 million Ukrainians escaping Russia’s invasion – more than double any other EU country. The reception has caught the eye of many, including the UN’s special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, Felipe González Morales, who recently visited the country. “I am impressed by the Government of Poland for providing significant support to a huge number of refugees,”González Morales said.

But Poland’sdiffering treatmentof refugees and asylum seekers from other countries – includingpeople fleeingthe fighting in Ukraine – did not escape Gonzáles Morales’ attention, whonotedthe double standard and called for an end to pushbacks at thePoland-Belarus border.

The special rapporteur also said that the situation for Ukrainian refugees in Poland could soon become more…

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