Why Is There More Media Talk About Using Nuclear Weapons Than About Banning Them?


https://fair.org/uncategorized/why-is-there-more-media-talk-about-using-nuclear-weapons-than-about-banning-them/KARL GROSSMAN, 5 Aug 22,

It’s of critical importance—indeed, existential importance—to the world: theTreaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. And a coalition of peace organizations in the United States is charging that media are acting like the treaty “does not exist.”

The Nuclear Ban Treaty Collaborative is waging a campaign to encourage press coverage of the treaty, which, it argues, “provides the only pathway to a safe, secure future free of the nuclear threat” (Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance Newsletter,6/22).

In thewords of the UN, the treaty is “a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination.”It was adopted by the UN General Assembly—with 122 nations in favor—and opened for signature in 2017. It was entered into force in January 2021.

But its provisions only apply to nations which are party to it. Countries…

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