Lawmaker: Most Ukraine Aid is a ‘Scam’

The Most Revolutionary Act

Twisted Times

Two GOP congresswomen have cited a CBS news report showing that 70% of weapons shipped to Kiev aren’t making it to the front lines. Likely being sold on the black market, sold in the Middle East, stored for later use by nationalists in a civil war (i.e. think IS or the Taliban rising), or given to criminal gangs who’ll eventually move into Europe in a few years’ time, turning Ukraine into another Mexico.

Republican lawmakers are feeling vindicated for opposing a $40 billion Ukraine aid package after a CBS News report showed that only 30% of the Western weapons flooding into the country are actually making it to the front lines in Kiev’s conflict with Russia.

“This [is] one of the reasons I voted ‘no,’” US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) said on Twitter in a retweet of the CBS News post. Greene was among 57 House Republicans…

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