Russia the most popular national destination for refugees from Ukraine


UN: The Largest Number of Ukrainian Refugees Are Fleeing From “Russian Aggression” … to Russia!

The Stalker Zone 6 August (good tables and graphs)

Theses of Ukrainian propaganda about “Kremlin aggression” and the “genocide of the Ukrainian people” are in danger – the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has reported fresh data about the movement of refugees from Ukraine across Europe. As of August 3 of this year, 6,303,226 refugees from Ukraine were registered in Europe, while from February 24 to August 03 there were 10,350,489 crossings of the Ukrainian border outbound and 4,272,233 crossings inbound.

The distribution by country of destination (top 5) as of August 3rd is as follows:

  • Russian Federation – 1,968,127 crossings;
  • Poland – 1,256,568;
  • Germany – 915,000;
  • Czech Republic – 400,559;
  • Italy – 157,309.

Out of the 6.3 million Ukrainian refugees, about 2 million (every third!) chose the Russian direction.In…

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