“You don’t even have to see a doctor to get this anti COVID drug.” — FLCCC

Here is a comprehensive, well-researched document from the Canadian COVID Care Alliance that will help you make an informed decision about whether or not you wish to take Paxlovid.

Spike protein. It is something we have heard a lot about over the past couple of years in relation to COVID-19. But how does the spike protein actually cause cell damage? In this study, researchers provide unique insight into the mechanism of damage and the evidence of damage in brain microglial cells using a Raman microspectrometer. Dr. Been breaks it all down HERE.

Dr. Andrea Hazan, a psychiatrist in Switzerland, followed the FLCCC protocol, sourced ivermectin, and gave it away to her patients with COVID. Watch her amazing MyStory HERE.

“You don’t even have to see a doctor to get this drug.” —The FLCCC News Capsule for August 7, 2022