How To Enter The 5D World’s Infinite Possibilities –

You may change and transcend your thinking by merely watching particular spots on your breath. Simply keep an eye on it and feel the breath. The first spot is inhalation. Then, as the breath is in, it stops for a short second; this is the second spot to keep an eye on. The third spot to keep an eye on is when the breath turns and goes out. Then, after the breath is totally out, it comes to a complete stop for a fraction of a second; this is the fourth spot to keep an eye on.

You will reach a new level of feeling if you can watch all four spots. Suddenly, there will be a rhythm, and your breath will be in harmony with the universe. This is a state that is beyond explanation. There is no involvement of the mind. Watching is a property of your consciousness, not a quality of your mind. When you watch, your mind stops, and you transcend your mind, plunging into the ultimate ecstasy you have never known. Begin to understand the essence of the ultimate delight that you have never had before.

This ultimate delight frees you from the constraints and flaws of the 3D world, allowing you to enter the 5D world’s infinite possibilities!

How To Enter The 5D World’s Infinite Possibilities – August 10, 2022 – Rose Rambles…