Monkey Pox Vaccines – by Robert W Malone MD, MS

About 2% of recipients had a serious adverse event

3) According to the label, between 1.3% and 2.1% of recipients had a cardiac event of special interest, compared to 0.2% of placebo subjects.  According to the FDA review document, not mentioned in the label, there were 10% and 18% of subjects with troponin elevations in two sub-studies. This suggests that somewhere between 1 in 90 and 1 in 6 people will have a troponin elevation or EKG abnormality, indicating some degree of cardiac damage due to the shot.

For example on page 191 of the FDA review:  8% of those subjects who were HIV positive could not get their second Jynneos dose due to side effects from the first. 7% of the HIV positive subjects had worsening of HIV parameters.  It is likely that Jynneos causes immune suppression.

The FDA label for the Jynneos product can be found here, and key points are listed below:

Monkey Pox Vaccines – by Robert W Malone MD, MS

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  1. I have studied Vitamins for numerous years……..and to those who are not Allergic to Vitamins PLEASE consider taking a daily GOOD Multiple Vitamin ( if you can afford them ) the Vitamin is not 100% protection, but a benefactor to your health, as some Med Professional indicate we do not eat the foods necessary for our health.


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