Who buys Ukrainian lands from Zelensky? – World Geostrategic Insights

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is systematically leading the country to sell off the last strategic resource-land. Such a sale cannot in any way be an act of the authorities aimed at protecting the interests of the people of the country. In this case, the only goal is to meet the requirements in the interests of large multinational corporations.  

At the moment, Ukraine is a country with the richest funds of agricultural land. Ukraine accounts for more than 60 million hectares of land adapted for agricultural activities. This is almost 6% of the territory of Europe. For obvious reasons, Ukrainian arable land is a tasty morsel for the owners of large multinational businesses and oligarchs

At the same time, it is important to cite the data of a sociological study. On its basis, 79% of Ukrainian citizens are categorically against the sale of land to foreigners. Only 15% said they would support the land reform. It turns out that the Ukrainian authorities are again ready to “rely” on the opinion of a minority in their attempts to please their Western partners.

Who buys Ukrainian lands from Zelensky? – World Geostrategic Insights