Your Complete Guide to Blue Light Therapy – LTO

It is important to repeat that blue light therapy uses the natural power and qualities of light for its effectiveness. If some chemical is applied or ingested to make it work, that is no longer blue light therapy, that is called photodynamic therapy. The two are NOT the same. Blue light therapy is when blue light alone is having the healing, balancing or therapeutic effect.

  1. Blue light therapy for Neonatal Jaundice: Around the globe, newborn babies are treated for jaundice every day using blue light. This is shone on the most delicate and tender example of human skin, and yet no side effects occur.
  2. Blue light therapy for Crigler Najjar Syndrome: Patients with Crigler Najjar Syndrome need to spend extended amounts of time under blue light every day, for life. However, despite the quantity of hours spent under blue light on a daily basis (typically 10 hours or more), no long term side effects are reported.
lighttherapyoptions Your Complete Guide to Blue Light Therapy – LTO