Shame: The CDC should call Monkeypox what it is – an STD – Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD

To date, the WHO has reported over 26,000 cases globally with 10 deaths.  The question is why is the CDC and many woke/liberal doctors refuse to call monkeypox an STD?   The likely problem with this disease is the fact that 98% of cases occur in men who have sex with men.

The semantics are defended by reasoning that because 100% of cases aren’t caused by sex, it cannot be an STD.  AIDS is classified as an STD but can also be acquired through iv drug abuse, blood transfusions, and other nonsexual means.  Yet, safe sex is still recommended to prevent getting AIDS and AIDS is classified as an STD by the CDC.

….by denying the most likely method of transmission, doctors and health organizations are lulling the highest risk populations into a false sense of security for this STD and other STDs that can be far more deadly, such as AIDS.  This is unforgivable, as the message they are thrusting on US society is that sexual promiscuity (in any sexual orientation or lifestyle) is acceptable and those who engage in such behavior and not responsible for the consequences – pregnancy, STDs, sexual violence, prostitution, etc.  They are instead victims.  The CDC even advises those who engage in risky behavior:  “People should take precautions to reduce their exposure to monkeypox until immune protection from vaccines has reached its maximum.”5   Translation:  get the monkeypox vaccine and then resume your high risk lifestyle without consequence.

Shame: The CDC should call Monkeypox what it is – an STD – Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD