Alternative Media: Estimated 5-12 Million Dead From Vax

Verum Et Inventa

That estimate is from the first couple of years. According to several expert doctors and scientists, this will last around 5 years if people stop taking the vax today (but they won’t). So, the estimate is about 40% of the projected total, meaning that if 40% is 10 million, somewhere around 25 million will end up dying from the death vax. I still think those numbers are too low, because they’re not taking into consideration how our food, water and air are being poisoned as we speak.

Descrip: Josh Sigurdson reports on new shocking revelations as we see countless studies on the side effects and dangers of covid “vaccines” pile in as death rates spike 163% year over year according to Lincoln National, new ballpark estimates on death from the jab now top around 6-12 million people worldwide.

This number seems over the top, but the evidence seems to…

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