Answering the Call to Ministry : Earlham School of Religion

We look around the world and see that ministry isn’t bound to the pulpit. Persistent inequality, poverty, violence and oppression call for response in the form of committed, loving action. How we choose to act varies with every individual. Each of us has unique gifts, specific talents, and leadings to address that which is broken in society. We have, as Friends say, that of God within each of us.

The action we take is the product of our empathy, passions, experiences, talents, leadings and education. We may be teachers, chaplains, or peace workers. We may be storytellers, businesspeople, or health care providers. We may be journalists, spiritual directors, or pastors. In every vocation, on every one of life’s paths, we can find vital ways to serve this world.

Ministry isn’t just a vocation or a calling. It’s a way of being in this world–seeking to make it whole. This is the ministry that ESR supports and equips

Answering the Call to Ministry : Earlham School of Religion